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Free GOG game Teenagent. How to get free games in 2021?

Free GOG game Teenagent

Free GOG game Teenagent. You can get a free game again. A unique opportunity – GOG gives a free game: Teenagent. Take the game for free as long as you can.

Free GOG game Teenagent – What do you have to do?

All you need to do is register at GOG.com. Then go to the “free games” section. There you can add another free game to your GOG Games collection.

Free GOG game Teenagent – information about the game

In the middle of a beautiful summer day a teenager is captured by two men in dark glasses and long coats. This is going to be a very interesting day!

It’s been six months since the super secret secret service agency – RGB – started investigating the mystery of the gold missing from the main European bank, to no avail. They are so desperate that they went to a fortune teller for advice and she told them to make you into an agent.

You are Mark Hopper, the average teenager, who becomes an RGB agent and the agency’s salvation. Your rewards will be girls, because every girl loves the secret agent, don’t they?

  • One of the best Polish adventure titles
  • Jokes that will never get old
  • Nice graphics and witty dialogs

(excerpt from: link)

Minimum system requirements:
  • System:
  • Windows XP or Vista

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